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Swan labeled and recommended by Asthma and Allergy Association!

Now we proudly launch our two new nail polish removers. Both are swan labeled and recommended by the Asthma and Allergy Association. Less wastage, giving a more exclusive feeling, and you save time.

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And also Nail Polish Remover Dip-in



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We have designed cosmetics and cotton products for the efficient and enriching skin cleansing and care that you need.

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100g Cotton wool

Our cotton wool is a gentle product that can be used for both makeup and the first-aid box.

Cotton buds, pack of 300

Made of 100% pure cotton that is gentle on the skin, they are an efficient and useful accessory in your toiletries case.

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See our



Did you know…

jets of water at high pressure strengthens the cotton?

When Topz Make Up Pads are made, the cotton is treated with jets of water at high pressure. This makes the cotton fibres bind together and the makeup pads become extra hard-wearing. It also makes Topz Make Up Pads lint-free.

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From the very first cotton bud

For over 40 years Topz’s development has been guided by your need for fine beauty products. From our very first cotton bud – a word which in everyday language has become strongly associated with our brand – we have aimed to make it easy, efficient and pleasant to remove makeup.

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