The ECO range

Our ECO range is designed with extra care for the environment and only contains products that are 100% organic cotton. The products in this range are all labelled with environmental certifications that ensure that they are sustainable and gentle for both you and nature.

Our products

Organic Make Up Pads, pack of 80

Our Organic Make Up Pads help to effectively remove makeup and impurities in depth thanks to their two different sides.

Organic Cleansing Wipes

Experience our organic makeup removal wipes, which use aloe vera to gently remove impurities and makeup, even water-proof mascara, from your skin.

Organic Cotton Wool 50g

Our Organic Cotton Wool is gentle cotton wool that can be used for both makeup removal and the first-aid box.

Organic Cotton Buds, pack of 200

Made of 100% organic cotton that is gentle on the skin, they are an efficient and useful accessory in your toiletries case.