We make your beauty routine an experience instead

Many women all over the world end the day with the same routine – removing their makeup. Our view is that the secret to a healthy complexion and increased well-being can be found right at that moment.

Because when your beauty products are doing a good job, you can focus on yourself instead. This is a time for relaxation after an eventful day, giving you the energy you need for tomorrow.

Quite simply, removing makeup should not be a chore. It is part of a woman’s beauty process and we want to transform it into something special:

An experience that helps you relax, reflect and simply feel good.

From the very first cotton bud to today


Topz is launched under the name of San-topz.


Rybrinks becomes new owner of the brand.


Topz moves from pads and cotton buds to launch its first makeup removal range.


Topz launches a new organic cotton range.


Topz launches organic and Fairtrade-certified makeup removal wipes.





With over 40 years of experience in cotton, we know how it can best be used in our products. We aim to share this knowledge with you and other women all over the world.


We are part of your important beauty ritual and we ensure that your skin is well looked after and gets the care it deserves. When using Topz, we hope you look forward to a pleasant part of the day when you feel well taken care of.


We all have a responsibility towards the environment. Therefore, we ensure that the way we make our products is always gentle on nature. The result is cleaner, attractively packaged cotton wool with a design that feels bright, delightful and natural.


Our responsibility to the environment

When we work on our product ranges, we aim to act responsibly towards the environment. Therefore we always aim to certify our products with environmental protection labels such as the Nordic Swan, Fairtrade and Cosmos Natural. This allows us to produce environmentally friendly products in cleaner cotton, which is kind to both you and nature.



The optimum beauty tool

A key part of the beauty process is using the right products, which give your skin a fresh and clean feeling.

For over 40 years Topz’s development has been guided by your need for fine beauty products. From the very first cotton bud – which in everyday language has become strongly associated with our brand – we have aimed to make it easy, efficient and pleasant to remove makeup.

And that is something we promise to continue doing. Our philosophy is that our products will always be gentle on you, your complexion and on nature. Together with women worldwide, we aim to develop the best beauty articles of the future.