More durable packaging for a greener future

We start with our sustainability changes in our most popular products, which are our best sellers. By replacing plastic with paper in both the cotton swab and its packaging, as well as replacing selected packaging with plastic that is up to 80% recycled ...

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The journey began with replacing the classic cotton swab with paper and using only 100% organic cotton. Its packaging is made of recycled paper.

This means that we further reduce the consumption of plastic by 18.2 tonnes of plastic per year, which corresponds to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of carbon dioxide in the production of the raw material by about 87%.

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To further reduce the consumption of plastic, we have also developed a more durable packaging for selected bestsellers, such as Topz cotton pads. Nowadays, the packaging will consist of 80% recycled plastic.

This is a step towards the goal of using less and better plastic in our packaging.

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From the very first cotton swab, we at Topz have had high demands on quality, while at the same time meeting our environmental requirements, which is why we certify our products, with labels such as the Nordic Ecolabel, Fairtrade and GOTS.

This means that you consumers can make an active and safe choice when buying Topz products.

Icons of Topz certificates